Beauty Mistakes I Made Growing Up (That Drove My Mother Crazy)

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As you can tell from today’s title, this will be a little throwback to all of my beauty mishaps from throughout the years. What inspired me to write this post was the amount of moms I have had messaging me lately regarding their young daughters.

I have been doing some consulting with these young women teaching them makeup 101.  I even had an awesome mom host a birthday party which had me come in and teach the girls about proper makeup techniques. Because of this, I thought it would be kind of fun to take a little look back at some of my major beauty mishaps from throughout the years. Now I don’t have children so I can’t give any sort of advice from a mother’s perspective, but I can give the perspective of a once young daughter who has tried it all. It may be a new generation of teens out there; but there are some mistakes that will never change (and some that have just been replaced with others).

So let’s get started! When I mentioned this idea to my mom, she immediately blurted out “Oh my gosh Aleasha, you have to talk about the blush!”


Right from there, I knew that this would be our starting point! I had 2 blushes growing up that were my favourites, “Rose Silk” & some super awful bright pink that I can’t remember the name of (both were by Covergirl). Now had they have been used sparingly they may not have been so bad. However, I would always take a good amount on a big fluffy brush and just pack it right on to what I thought was the apples of my cheeks.


Who’s ready for a circus? Well I certainly was!

Now for the second mishap, I thought I would discuss the first REAL makeup I ever had in my possession. Now from a fairly young age, black pencil eyeliner was my poison of choice. I would not only line my water line, but I would make sure I had my eyes completely penciled in underneath the waterline as well. I had no bottom eyelashes until I was in grade 10, so for some reason I thought this would give the “illusion” from a far that I had bottom lashes.


I still find this one odd because most people associate heavy black eyeliner with more of a “Goth” look. But the thing is – I was the biggest girly girl you could have ever met. For 2 years of my life I would not leave my house unless my hair was curled and I was wearing something pink. Oh and before we move on – just for the record, yes I’m aware those bangs were a bit of a mishap as well…even though my mother loved them. Ok next!

I’m going to thank my lucky stars that this next mistake lasted for only about a month. I believe this is the mishap that all girls who are interested in cosmetics must go through in life, just to make the makeup gods happy and prove you are worthy.


Listen, I get the thought process that goes with this one, even though it looks awful. A lot of girls growing up have the desire to look tanned, and for some reason our teenage selves must have thought that this was a way to achieve it. Unfortunately, we must have forgotten that in turn, this made the foundation impossible to blend properly into our skin. We then also learned that cheap foundation can oxidize badly, making it appear even worse. 


But like I said, it didn’t take me long to realize this mistake, all I had to do was take a picture of myself (as shown above). From then on, I vowed to never have an orange face again. 

Speaking of orange, this next mishap is one my mom will definitely enjoy reading about. I expect to get an “I told you so” text within the near future. I’d now like to talk to you about the lovely world of spray tanning & self tanners. Now I don’t have quite as much of an excuse for this one as I do the others, because I think I was about 20 when this lovely phase took place.


I’m very fair, and growing up I was always super envious of girls who could achieve a beautiful tan. I started using a spray on self tanner, and at first it wasn’t so bad – until I began putting it on EVERY SINGLE DAY. Now don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of amazing self tanners out there that will give you an even & natural glow, but you must use them properly and follow the directions. I did not do either of those things, and I would layer the tan on top of itself several times to look super sun kissed. After a while I finally saw the light and realized it wasn’t really the look I had in mind, and that I looked more like Snooki circa 2010, than I did a tanned goddess.  

My final beauty mishap is one that I’m not sure my friends will ever let me live down, and one that I look back at and take full responsibility for. That would be my big, monstrous, massive hair. 


I always liked to have volume in my mane and was big into teasing it, even in high school. But in early 2012, I took that look to a new extreme. I’m happy to say that at its biggest this mistake only lasted maybe 6 months. It’s funny though because looking back at pictures – I honestly can say I don’t ever remember it being as big as it was.


I also find it strange because surprisingly, I would receive a lot of compliments on it. I wonder now though if people maybe were just impressed with how big I was able to get it, rather than them actually thinking it looked good. I would also like to add in a random little fact and let you know that I would get super offended when people would ask me if I was wearing a bump-it, I took my big hair THAT seriously.

Anyway, I hope you had as much fun reading this post as I did looking back into my old photo archives.

To the moms out there who read this, I hope you now feel a sense of calm and hope when it comes to your daughter’s ever emerging style.

And to my mom,


Thanks for putting up with me and all of my weirdness for all of those years. Xo


3 thoughts on “Beauty Mistakes I Made Growing Up (That Drove My Mother Crazy)

  1. Angela says:

    So good! But while most of these mishaps are things we would all like to erase, I am still glad the big hair phase happened. I know it went way too far but hey, it showed we weren’t afraid to go against the trends! We missed the peak of crimping and big bangs, we have to have some crazy hair photos to show our kids!

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