Dollar/Discount Store Makeup Challenge!

Hey Loves! 

So it has been a hot minute since I have been able to write a post, my apologies! Between my oh so relaxing vacation to Jamaica, and moving my business to Walkerton…time has been limited. But I’m so excited after 2 weeks to be back with a challenge.

In the past, I have seen some bloggers take part in a challenge where you must apply a full-face of makeup using products which can only be found at your local dollar & discount stores. Although I love my luxurious products, I thought this would be a great opportunity to test out some super affordable items & hopefully find some hidden gems along the way…and let me tell you, I was shocked! 

I went into this challenge with very low standards, assuming most items would be not so great to below average. But let me tell you, more products ended up impressing me then I would have thought. So let’s begin! 

Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation by Covergirl – $6.97


Ok, so I may have cheated on this one just a little – but for good reason, I promise! I looked at all of the dollar/discount stores in my area (Dollarama, Looney Tooney, Giant Tiger, etc.) HOWEVER, the foundation selection was extremely limited and the cheapest foundation I could find at a dollar store ran for around $8…like really? So I checked out Wal-Mart and I was able to find this Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation from Covergirl on sale for only $6.97. So I thought, why not?

Surprisingly enough, I really did enjoy this foundation. I have heard some not so great reviews on this one in the past, but I found that it gave me a nice medium coverage and applied nicely with a beauty sponge. I will definitely use it again in the future, so all in all I consider it to be a pass.

ELF Concealer – $4 at Giant Tiger



I’m not going to beat around the bush on this one – this concealer is just terrible. It went on streaky, blended terribly, and gave next to no coverage on my under eyes. What I look for in a concealer is a creamy base that will cover my dark circles, conceal blemishes, apply smoothly, and set without creasing. This concealer was a massive fail and even for only $4, I will go as far as saying that you would be better to go without. 

Jordana Cosmetics Pressed Powder – $5.99 at Looney Tooney


I was skeptical of this product because most cheap pressed powders are chalky & appear patchy. This powder completely BLEW ME AWAY! As soon as I swatched it, I was amazed with the buttery consistency. It applied over the Covergirl foundation beautifully, and stayed put for several hours until it was time for me to head to bed. The only downfall was the strong perfume smell that came a long with it, but once applied I no longer noticed it. I will most definitely continue to use this powder. 

Ariposa Pro Contour Set – $3.50 at Dollarama



As soon as I saw this palette, I knew I had to give it a try. I mean $3.50 for a contour/highlight/blush pallete? That’s completely unheard of in the makeup world. Now was this product amazing? No. But was it better than I thought it would be? For sure! The contour colour weirded me out as it appeared to have a bit of an orange undertone when swatched on my arm, but it surprisingly applied really nicely to the contours of the face. The blush was a bit powdery for my liking, but ended up blending in not too bad. The highlight was VERY white, but when blended in and used sparingly it gave sort of a nice “glow from within look”. Now do I recommend running out and purchasing this? Absolutely not, but if you have experience with blending & want to give it a whirl…why not?

Ariposa Eyeshadow Palette – $3.50 at Dollarama


I really liked the colour layout of these shadows, and was excited to give them a try. Now for $3.50 I wasn’t expecting much – and it’s a good thing. These really sucked if I’m being completely honest. I really had to pack on the product to make it noticeable and the pigment just wasn’t there. They all swatched very patchy, and even for only $3.50 I would say don’t waste your money.

Wet n’ Wild Mega Length Mascara – $3.50 at Giant Tiger


I loved this stuff! Wet n’ Wild always amazes me with their fantastic prices & surprisingly awesome product. The brush on this mascara worked great for getting in between my fine bottom lashes and elongating them. If you’re looking for lots of volume this probably isn’t the ideal mascara for you, but if you are looking to get your bottom lashes long without looking clumpy you will love it.  

Jordana Powder Brow Duo – $5.99 at Looney Tooney


I haven’t used a powder brow product in a long time just because I find my Anastasia pencils & pomades are so easy to blend and so quick to use. But I ended up really enjoying this product and if you apply it with a super thin angle brush and  then blend with a spooly I think you will love it too. I highly recommend this product, not just to those on a budget but to anyone looking for a nice brow powder in general.

DON Beauty Eyelashes – $1.99 at Looney Tooney


I love these lashes! After trimming them to fit my eye properly, I was surprised with how glam they looked. They really could pass for a high quality lash when applied correctly. 

Wet n’ Wild Lipstick – $1.50 at Dollarama



Wet n’ Wild lip products generally perform fairly well. This lipstick was no exception – it was by no means amazing, but for $1.50 you can’t beat the price for the product. The neutral colours are great for throwing in your purse when you need the odd touch up throughout the day.

ELF Felt Tipped Eyeliner – $4 at Giant Tiger


Elf products just did not impress me this time around. The thickness of the felt tip made it difficult to get a nice precise line with this liner and the colour pay off wasn’t great. I had to apply 3 or 4 layers just to make it appear somewhat black, and who has time for that? 

Wet n’ Wild Color Icon Kohl Eyeliner – $1.50 at Dollarama


If you need a great pencil eyeliner & are looking to save…the Wet n’ Wild liners are a great way to go. They last throughout the day & the colours are always nice & bold. Wet n’ Wild sure did not disappoint this time around. The black kohl liner is especially impressive & really helps the eyes stand out. 

Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lipgloss – $3 at Dollarama


I was surprised to find a Maybelline product at the dollar store, but I can see how it ended up there. It has been said that unpurchased drugstore makeup often goes there to die, and in this case that is the complete truth. This Lipgloss is patchy, & clumps up on top of lipsticks. After applying, I chose to wipe it off. It’s just not comfortable on the lips and clings to dry patches on the mouth. A pass for sure.  



The final look all together, what do you guys think? I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome and will use a lot of these makeup products again. 

So there you have it, beauty on a budget! Let me know your thoughts on this challenge and if you would like to see another challenge in the future. 

Cheers! Xo. 




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