Do What You Love, Love What You Do.

Hey Friends! 

So it’s funny, for the past few years I have always considered myself someone who likes to keep busy. Perhaps it was growing up and realizing what it takes to run a full-time business, or maybe it was witnessing how busy of a life my parents led in order to make their own business succeed. Until I was in my twenties though, I was never a person who liked to live by a set schedule…mainly because I never really had a reason to. Growing up I always managed to keep decent grades, make my after school job on time, & keep my not-so-busy at the time social schedule on track without really having to try that hard.

Obviously with growing up, owning a business, managing to keep in touch with all those I love, & finding time to complete other hobbies… life has become a little more hectic. As much as I truly do love my busy life, I wonder how others deal with the feeling of never having enough time in a day, as I’m sure it is something we all experience. I lay here knowing I have to get up early in the morning, but I just can’t help and think about all I could be doing at this very moment. (Paperwork, Studying my lines for an upcoming play, Going through makeup clients contracts, Steaming new fashions that have arrived at the store, Organizing the store, Sizing clothing for a cash & carry sale, Etc.). Yet I know if I don’t shut things down for the evening I will be useless tomorrow.

And then my mind starts to feel a little guilty as I question “Am I really that busy?” I mean I don’t have any children, I’m single and am responsible really only for my own well-being, and I still manage (even though it can be tough at times) to make time to go out and enjoy life. I mean I was able to take a 5 day trip to Jamaica in between moving my store to another town, which in retro-spec I totally did NOT have the time for, but you only live once right?

And really, time still somehow manages to slip away and all of a sudden it’s 2 am and I am writing a blog with no reasoning behind it.

And then I realize, every single person in the world can choose to be busy or not. I am very aware that there are a hell of a lot of people who are much busier than I am, and that for myself, being busy is a choice. It was my choice to follow my dream and open up a store which has become the love of my life. It was my choice to go back to school last year as I was running my business and become a makeup artist. It was my choice to take part in a play where I need to be twice a week for rehearsals. And it was my choice to sit here tonight and write this blog as I should be trying to sleep. It’s been my choice to do all of these things, but would I really want it any other way? Absolutely not, because I have enough faith in myself to know I only take on the things in life that I am truly passionate about and enjoy doing.

So I guess this is what I would have to say…If you can at all relate to this post I am so grateful that you decided to finish it, and read it until the very end. Should you feel guilty that you just took the last 2 minutes to read this blog entry, even though you could be doing something much more productive? NO.

 If there has been anything I have learned in the last half hour of writing this, it is that you and I both should not feel guilty for taking time to do the things we want to do…Even if they are not at the top of our to-do list. 

So I guess the lesson here is exactly that, and for now I’m going to do my best to turn my thoughts off and try to get some sleep (just as I hope you do). Because everything eventually will get done, and the things we hope to complete will always be a top priority in our heads. Nothing important really gets forgotten, and the things that do? Well they couldn’t have been that important to begin with.

*PS. Thanks Joc for naming this when I couldn’t come up with a title!* 

*PSS. How do you guys handle life when things get hectic?* 


Aleasha. Xo. 

One thought on “Do What You Love, Love What You Do.

  1. Evelyn Walter says:

    Aleasha everything you wrote is so very true. People like you succeed in life because they do get off their butts and put their talents to work. Being a positive person like yourself will give others the push to get-up-and -go. When one is busy and look back you know you have accomplished something worth well. Keep up the good & busy days ahead. So proud of you for what you have accomplished. (Remember our first ride together in the golf cart – your wanted to show me you could do it Ha Ha )
    Love You Grandma

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