Anastasia Beverly Hills: Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit Review & Swatches

Hey guys! 

I have a quick little review for you today! So I just have to start off by saying that I was SUPER excited for Anastasia Beverly Hills to be releasing another Glow Kit. As many of you know, the first set of her Glow Kits were unbelievably amazing and blew almost all other highlighters out of the water when it came to pigmentation & colour range. I unfortunately, himmed and hawed over purchasing one for much too long and by the time I decided I wanted to buy one, it was too late. 

I was super tempted to then purchase her Glow Kit that was released before Christmas, but I changed my mind after hearing the negative reviews & comparisons to the original Glow Kits. 

So needless to say, when I heard about the next collab Anastasia was doing with beauty vlogger, Nicole Guerriero, I could barely contain my excitement. The day Sephora released it to VIB members, I knew I had to get my hands on it before it sold out.


As soon as I received my Glow Kit in the mail, I ripped the packaging open so quickly and was mesmerized by the beautiful metallic shades. I had heard that the shades may be a little too dark for fair skin, but after playing around with them all last night, I am in love. 


My favourite shades to apply to the high points of my face (cheek bones, nose) would definitely be Kitty Kat ( A beautiful pinky peach shade, which I feel would be complimentary on a lot of different skin tones, Forever Lit (An intense white metallic shade that would be a beautiful inner corner highlight on the eye), & Forever Young (A metallic mauve shade, which would make a lovely blush topper). I also do really enjoy Glo Getter which I feel will be beautiful as a highlighter once I have a little more colour in the summer time or now mixed with Forever Lit. Daydream is a peachy metallic shade which I will most definitely be using as a blush topper & eye shadow as well. 143 is much too dark for me to use on my own skin as a highlighter. But I do love the shade and am excited to use it as an eye shadow, and think it would look amazing on darker skin tones. 


It is important to understand that in a lot of highlighting/strobing/glow kits, that not every single shade may work for you and that is ok because the powders can be used elsewhere else on your face. 


What I will say, is that these are INTENSE highlighting powders and are not for those looking for a more “glow from within” look. They are extremely pigmented, metallic, and dust on the skin beautifully – but they are not for those who are scared of having a metallic glow. 

I on the other hand, absolutely adore highlighters and anything that will add some dimension to my face. So needless to say, I am completely obsessed with this highlighting kit, and highly recommend it if you are looking to add a pop of glam to your look.

Love always,




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