HOT or NOT? Pixi by Petra!

I was recently  intrigued to see the new Pixi by Petra display at my Local Shoppers Drug Mart. I had heard a bit about the brand from different beauty gurus & Youtubers over the years, and I believe it has been being sold at Target in the States for a while now. The brand was started by creator, Petra Strand over 10 years ago and is said to help enhance a women’s natural beauty.


I decided to pick up some of the makeup products from my local Shoppers, and put them to the test. At first glance – I enjoyed the look of the packaging. It was very clean & fresh and the display had me interested from the moment I noticed it. 

Now I purchased these items about 3 weeks ago and have been using them in many different ways, with different looks ever since so that I could get a full understanding of the product range. Unfortunately I have since lost my receipt – so I will be referring to the prices off of the Pixi website by converting from US prices or remembering by memory. So please note prices could fluctuate either way by a few dollars.  

Book of Beauty – Contour Creator $32 Canadian. 


Now I’m going to be honest, when it comes to my personal collection and not my pro kit, I am totally over the idea of “contour kits”. They work great in my professional makeup life, but for your own personal use…they are kind of a waste in my opinion. A contour kit must be universal for lots of different skin tones – so for personal use you usually only end up using a few shades and leaving the others. So in a way you are just wasting your money when you could be purchasing your own personal shades in just one or two pans. Now the contour powders in this kit are nice – but like I said I really only use the middle contour shade as I find the other two a little too warm toned for my complexion. If you have more of an olive skin tone, you may enjoy it more. I find the highlighting powders a little bit chalky for my liking, but I do like the middle shade for setting my under eye concealer. Overall, I probably would not recommend this contour kit. I feel like since it is $32 Canadian that you are almost getting up into the higher end price range. And if you save an extra $20 you could purchase an Anastasia contour kit where the pans are refillable, making it a little more versatile. Or do as I do, and simply purchase your own custom shades in individual pans. 

Natural Brow Duo – $20 Canadian.


$20 for a brow pencil at the drugstore is definitely up there considering you can purchase an Anastasia Brow Wiz at Sephora for $27 or a L’oreal Brow Stylist (a favourite of mine) for around $10 at the drugstore. You do have to take into consideration that the Natural Brow Duo does include a gel though, so you are getting a bit more bang for your buck. After trying this brow pencil/gel duo though, I fell completely in love. I find that I have been reaching for it a lot over the past 3 weeks, just as much as my Brow Wiz in fact. And not just for the sake of testing out the product, but because I really do love it. A hot product in my books for sure! Keep in mind though it is a thicker, triangular shape so it may not be ideal for beginners.

Endless Silky Eye Pencil in BronzeBeam – $16 Canadian.



I’m just going to start off by saying I’m in love with this pencil liner. It’s creamy, it’s pigmented, it goes on smoothly, & doesn’t smudge. I would even go as far as to compare the formula to that of Marc Jacobs. Definitely one of my favourites from the line.   

Lash Line Ink in Black Silk – TBD. 



Now I’m generally not a fan of felt tipped pen liners, as I find they mix with shadow and end up applying unevenly. They also tend to dry out quite quickly. Now I will say that at first I enjoyed this liner as it made a nice wing. But once again like almost all of my other felt tipped liners, it stopped working after one or two uses. I would pass on this one for sure, it also has a bit of a shiny finish which I am personally not really into.

 Mesmerizing Mineral Palette – $16 Canadian. 



I am dreading writing this particular part of the review because these were probably the most disappointing products for me. I purchased both Plum Quartz & Opal Glow. At first touch, these felt incredibly buttery. But the amount of fallout in both palettes was insane. They are a lot more powdery then I had hoped, and honestly I will never use either again. I first tried Opal Glow, and basically all the colours looked the exact same on the eye even with a base (chalky, powdery, lots of fallout, patchy, need I say more?). I had a little bit of hope left for the Plum Quartz Palette, as I can usually make these types of shades work even if they aren’t the best formulation. But seriously, WHERE IS THE PIGMENT IN THESE? There is next to none – the amount of building up I had to do to even get a remote amount of colour on the eye was insane. Hands down, a hard pass.

Lip Contour Liner in Natural Rose – $16 Canadian. 


I didn’t at all mind this lip liner, and the colour I find to be nice and versatile. If you like a creamy lip liner with lots of slip to it, you may enjoy this a lot. If you prefer more of a stiffer pencil with a bit more pigment, this probably is not for you. Overall I liked it, I probably won’t repurchase but I will continue to use this one. 

Mattelustre Lipstick in Bitten Rose – $16 Canadian. 



I loved this lipstick! What a refresher from the drying, matte liquid lipstick trend we have all fallen in love with. Now is this formula completely matte? No, but it does dry down to a demi matte finish and it is very comfortable on the lips. I also was extremely impressed with the lasting power it had, and that it did not cling to any dry patches, lots of pigment as well. I will be buying more shades for sure. 

Makeup Misting Fix – Around $20 Canadian. 


I will start off with this one by saying that if you are not a fan of rose scents, this product is not for you as it is infused with rose water & green tea. I am personally a fan of this product and would probably compare it to MAC Fix Plus when it comes to setting makeup & refreshing your look throughout the day. I would not use it to dampen a beauty blender, and wouldn’t say it’s as good at refreshing makeup after long wear times as Fix Plus, but I do like this product to set makeup – and I will continue to use. 

Thanks so much for reading today’s post! Like I have said before, makeup is super personal so just because I don’t enjoy something doesn’t me you won’t. Always give things a try, play with testers, & take into consideration your skin type.

Aleasha. Xo. 


4 thoughts on “HOT or NOT? Pixi by Petra!

  1. Wendy Frook says:

    Thanks for your input on this brand of makeup. When you don’t like a product & have only used it a handful of times or less what do you do with the leftover product?

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