NEW AT SEPHORA – Hits & Misses

Hi guys!

So for the past month or so, I’ve been giving some new products from Sephora a try so that I could let you know if they were worth the price tag or not. Quite often (I know I’m guilty of this) we get caught up in the hype & pretty packaging surrounding new releases. So let’s see if these picks made the cut! 

Stellar Cosmic Blush (Flare) – C$30


Stellar is a new line exclusive to Sephora, so I was intrigued when I came across a line on the site that I had yet to hear of. I will start off by saying that the packaging on this blush is pretty plain & flimsy (not what I would expect for $30). But the blush inside was stunning, and has quickly become one I use on a daily basis. It is a beautiful, natural looking blush that can be built up if you want to pack on more colour. Flare is a pinky/coral colour with gold throughout the formula, and I would say it compares to Nars’ orgasm. 


Stellar Cosmic Powder – C$36 


Once again, the packaging is not very impressive on this product, I also found it to be quite messy. Now the powder itself is beautiful, & very finely milled. It glides over top of creams & powders nicely, and does mattify the face well. But you only get .28 oz which is not very much product. (You get a full 1 oz in a Laura Mercier powder to compare, and it’s only $11 more). So not much bang for your buck. Hopefully as the company grows, their packaging will improve which can maybe justify the price tag more. 

Milk Blur Stick – C$43


This product claims to do the following: 

“Blur Stick minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines on every skin tone for an invisible, smooth, matte finish. Use it as a primer for a smooth finish and to lock in your makeup. This stick is free of silicone, and it will not clog pores.”

I’m still very up in the air when it comes to my opinion on this product. Some foundations I found had little lasting power when paired with this product. I also found that on my dry skin it would cling to dry patches when gliding over the skin, and felt a little like I was dragging a glue stick across my face. The more I played with it though, I found massaging it into the face did help. But still, I’m not completely sold. I will continue to use it but I do feel like it would be more beneficial on someone with oily skin. I will say though that it did help to conceal pores. 

Natasha Denona Foundation x – $58


This foundation claims to be the following: 

“A long-lasting, full-coverage, radiant foundation that doesn’t set into fine lines and leaves the skin with a naturally radiant, flawless finish.”

Let’s just break these claims down. Is this long-lasting? No. Is it full-coverage? It attempts to be, but is a bit clumpy. Does it set into fine lines? YES YES YES. That was one of my biggest problems with this foundation. Does it have a natural, flawless finish? No, it clings to imperfections, and takes a lot of time to blend into the skin so that it does not look like you’ve caked on a face of foundation. If you couldn’t already tell, I don’t like this one. I will continue to play with it and see if there are any different methods of applying it that could help it perform better since it was pricier, but I would not recommend. 

Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer – C$37


I quite simply love this concealer. It’s full-coverage, creamy, doesn’t crease, & blends into the skin beautifully with a beauty blender. A+ from me! Not much else I can say, except that I HIGHLY recommend to all skin types.

Makeup Forever Star Lit Powder (13 Ivory) – C$25



This powder is one of the most stunning loose pigments I have ever used. The amount of punch it packs with the littlest amount of product is absolutely insane. It’s super intense without being too “glittery”, and is beautiful as an inner corner eye highlight, a cheek highlight, or a shadow. I will most definitely be purchasing more shades.  

Makeup Forever Star Lit Liquid (Pink Beige) – $30



I’ve always been a bigger fan of powders than I have been of liquids when it comes to highlighting products, and I feel the same when it comes to the star lit products. I just find this particular one to be too glittery & chunky. It does have some amazing pigment, but it’s difficult to blend out and I strongly dislike it as a cheek highlight. On the eyes it’s ok, But wouldn’t be something I’d recommend as the formula just misses the mark for me. 

Tarte Spellbound Glow Rainbow Highlighter – $39




I don’t understand the low star rating for this on the Sephora website, I completely adore this product! I debated including it because I only received it a few days ago, but I have used it everyday since. It’s stunning, and super metallic on the cheek bones. Not to mention, it smells amazing. It glides on the skin perfectly when paired with a fan brush and lasts all day. I personally enjoy swirling all of the colours together, which creates a unique shade of highlight. 

Benefit Galifornia Blush – $38



This golden pink blush would be super flattering on a lot of different skin tones. It just blends into the skin so perfectly, and has a seamless finish while still making a statement. The packaging of course is amazing, as Benefit always kills it in that department, but the product inside is even more amazing. I think they really hit a home run with this one, and I can see it becoming a favourite within the beauty community. Benefit certainly knows what they are doing when it comes to their powders, and this product is no exception. 

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick (Metallic Finish) – C$28


I should reiterate something, and that is that a liquid lipstick does not have to be super drying & matte which is what a lot of people generally consider the standard for most formulas. A lot of companies have been experimenting with metallic finishes this season, one of which is Smashbox. 


I purchased the shades “Mauve Squad” & “Foiled Brat”. I really enjoyed these products, but I have to say that I would consider them more of a lip cream than a lipstick. They are extremely pigmented & metallic but they don’t have the staying power compared to a lot of other liquid lipsticks and they are quite sticky. None the less, I do really like these especially Foiled Brat (darker shade), and I would recommend that shade as it is super unique. I like Mauve Squad as well but feel as though it is more of a highly pigmented, lip gloss. I look forward to trying out more of the deeper shades. 

Glam Glow GLOWSETTER Makeup Setting Spray – C$39


The mister on this spray is probably one of the best ones I have tried. It sprays out so evenly, and doesn’t produce little droplets which can ruin your face. The product inside is decent, but isn’t the best I have tried. It’s a hydrating setting spray, & can be used throughout the day to give your face a refreshing spritz. I still prefer my MAC Fix Plus and will continue to rely on it. I probably wouldn’t repurchase the GlowSetter, but I will use it up until it’s gone.

Enjoy your weekend! xo 




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