The Pros & Cons Of Being An Emotional Sponge

Do you find yourself constantly absorbing the energy of others? Whether someone is happy, sad, excited, or angry, does it affect your own mood even though the situation may not have a whole heck of a lot to do with you? Well my friend, you may be what my mother recently described myself as – an emotional sponge. 

So what is an emotional sponge? Basically, you could describe it as being someone who is easily influenced by the positive or negative energy of others. I personally never really realized it, but incredibly enough, now that I do…it’s amazing to witness how easily your own mood can change depending on what others are experiencing.

My mom told me that the first time she really noticed it with me was when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I guess we were in a mall somewhere in the city eating lunch in a food court when a homeless man came in and sat at a table beside ours. She said that I immediately became very quiet & she could tell that I was upset. I then whispered to her that “He looked sad, so I should just pretend to drop a $5 bill and maybe he would see it and keep it.”

Now like I said – I don’t really remember it that much but she said that I proceeded to get very upset once we left the food court and cry my eyes out in the car ride on the way home. It’s funny how our little brains work when we are young. Now fast-forward 17 years or so later, I have learned that although absorbing the energy of others can be overwhelming at times, that it is a huge blessing. To those who also find themselves in a similar position, just think about the pros…

You Rarely Get Jealous:

The great thing about being an emotional sponge is that when something good happens to somebody, whether it be in their personal or professional life, you are almost always genuinely happy for them. I can honestly say that when others are happy & excited about something in their lives, very rarely do I ever get a jealous thought or think “hmmmm I wish that was me.”

You’re Empathetic:

Now there can be 2 sides to this. When someone else is sad it can obviously put a damper on your own mood as things can weigh heavy on your own heart because you are feeling their emotions so strongly. But the beautiful thing about being an empath is that you are generally a good listener. You are invested in other people’s hardships and feel the need to help without constantly giving needless advice & comparing their experiences to your own.

You’re Intuitive:

The beauty of being an emotional sponge is that you often have your intuition tweaked to perfection. You are very conscious of the different things that you say and do to people because you always analyze how you would respond in that situation. You often overthink, which can get extremely exhausting. But your heart is happy knowing that you did your best to make other’s feel empowered.


This was the first blog I have written so far that I was constantly going back and erasing things, it was hard to put into the right words. So, I hope that you were able to find some sort of peace within this article if you too feel this way. Make sure to always try and ensure that your own heart is happy before concerning yourself as much with others, but continue to be who you are….an empathetic, intuitive, & unique individual.

Aleasha. Xo. 

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