DIY: 3D Paper Plants

For my most recent window display at A Delicate Edge, I decided to go with something super fresh and summery. I have been so into greenery this season so I went with a super trendy succulent/cacti theme. For the theme, I made some really easy to create 3D paper plants. If you would like to learn how I made these, keep reading. 



Green Card Stock/Bristol Board

Hot Glue & Gun


Recycled Paper/Tissue (To hold up plant) 

Paint/Brushes or Sponges

Pink or Coloured Card Stock 

Step One: 

Draw a shape on a piece of green card stock that you want to make 3D (ex. a cactus shape). Then cut it out. 



Step Two:

Trace the shape onto another piece of green card stock, and once again cut out the same shape. 


Step Three: 

Slit the TOP part down to the middle on one of the shapes, and then proceed to slit the BOTTOM part up to the middle of the other shape you traced. 


Step Four: 

Slide together, and hot glue the ends of each slit with the other to make sure they stay in tact. PS. If you are making the round cacti as pictured on the left in photo at the beginning, you can pick which parts you want to be 3D. The parts you want to be 3D are the parts you will want to trace and have 2 parts to slide together. The round shapes on top of the plant you can just cut one and slit, and slide onto the plant in whichever placement you like. 


Step Five:

Put in a pot, and use recycled paper/tissue to help stand the plants up. Proceed to paint spikes or leaf veins on your plant depending on which type you want to make. 


OPTIONAL: Use pink card stock to fold into little accordion shapes and hot glue on the plant. You can also use little pieces of pink tissue to form little flowers as well. 

Good luck & have fun!




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