Luxury Skincare: Hits & Misses

Hey guys! 

I’ve been trying out some new skincare products recently, some of which I am completely OBSESSED with. There are also couple that are just kind of meh. A lot of us often forget that skincare should be our #1 priority in our beauty routine. As you age it won’t matter how expensive or great your makeup is unless you have put as much thought into your skincare routine. 

*All prices listed below are in Canadian Dollars.* 


Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm – $38 CAN. 


How I ever survived without this stuff before is a complete mystery to me. It has a similar texture to cocunut oil, and when massaged onto a full face of glam makeup it will completely melt everything off. The trick is to rub a quarter-sized amount all over your face, and remove with a dampened cloth. There is literally NOTHING left on my face after using this product, and it leaves my skin feeling super hydrated and does not dry me out. I highly recommend it especially if you are a regular makeup wearer. 

Boscia Tsubaki Swirl Two Part Gel & Cream Deep Hydration Moisturizer – $50 (Sephora) 2 oz. 


I had heard great things about this moisturizer so I decided to give it a try. I am always on the market for a super hydrating moisturizer for my dry skin. I enjoyed this product, but my gripe about it is that you can’t wear silicone based (pore filling) primers with it as it will ball up on the skin. I believe this is because of the gel part within the the product, as I have had this happen before with other gel moisturizers. I do however like it for makeup free days – but those are few and far between for me. It just does not mesh well with my Benefit Pore-fessional primer so I will not be repurchasing.


Olehenriksen Sheer Transformation Perfecting Moisturizer – $48 (Sephora) 1.7 oz. 


I purchased this moisturizer because of the following claims it made: 

– Dryness
– Dark spots and uneven skin tone
– Dullness and uneven texture

I personally did not continue usage of this product after a few times because it just was not hydrating enough for my skin. I gave it to my mom to try as she doesn’t really have super dry skin like mine, and she even found that it didn’t moisturize her skin enough either. So as for the dark spots, uneven skin tone, etc. I didn’t use the product long enough to see if it would help with those aspects of my skin. But for me it’s definitely a pass.

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector – $64 (Sephora) 1 oz. 


I was recommended this product by a friend, so I thought I would give it a try. I have a couple little dark spots on my under eyes and I was hoping it would lighten them up. I used it all over the face in hopes of prevention for future dark spots as well. Personally I did not like this serum at all. Not only did it not help my dark spots (which are fairly little  & light to begin with) but it also broke me out. I sucked it up and used it religiously, just to give it a fair chance. But I will not be repurchasing. 

Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil – $70 (0.5 oz.) $135 (1 oz.) – (Sephora)


So let’s just point out the obvious, yes this stuff is expensive. But if you want something to completely transform your skins texture and overall appearance this is the product for you. This oil has changed my skin so much for the better, as I was having an issue with little bumps/texture on my forehead that were driving me nuts. Using it at night partnered with the Good Genes product that I’m going to speak about next, was a total game changer for me. Also – a little goes a long way so it will last you a long time. I also noticed the difference fairly quickly. 

Good Genes All-In-One Lactic Acid Treatment – $135 (1 oz.) $200 (1.7 oz.) – (Sephora)


If you are not familiar with lactic acid, let me just give you a quick little crash course. Lactic acid is used in products to dramatically change the texture of skin overtime and improve the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles within minutes by plumping the skin. I use the lactic acid treatment in the evening a few minutes after applying the Luna oil, and in the morning before applying my moisturizer. I am a huge fan of the Sunday Riley products, as I feel like they truly improve skin and make noticeable changes. Spending more money doesn’t always guarantee results, but in this case I certainly believe it to be true. 

I hope you enjoyed my review on these skincare products, and the tips given with each one. Remember – skin is super personal, so just because I don’t like something doesn’t me you won’t as well. Always read the claims on products, and look up reviews like this one to ensure it is what you are looking for. A lot of company’s also have great return policies if you don’t like an item you purchase, so always check up on those as well.

Have a FANTASTIC weekend! 

Aleasha. Xo. 




6 thoughts on “Luxury Skincare: Hits & Misses

  1. Thepurplepandablog says:

    I’ve been wanting to try out the Clinique take the day off balm and Sunday Riley products for so long but have always held off because off the price. I also am currently trying out drunk elephant products but I haven’t formed an opinion on them yet. Thanks for the recommendations! 💜


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