Maybelline Brand Review Including New Launches!

Hey guys!

If you follow anyone in the beauty community, chances are you may have heard lots of hype about some new Maybelline products now on the market. I was able to grab the new items which then inspired me to go through all of my drawers and pull out all of my Maybelline products to do a full on brand review! Now – there is A LOT here to review, so I will try my best to keep my main points the focus and not ramble on for too long! I will start with the “new releases” and then move on to face, eyes, & lips.

Please note all prices are Canadian, and are the MSRP from the Maybelline website. 



Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter – $12.99


Good drugstore highlighters are few and far between, and Maybelline hit a home run with this product. It is a blinding gold highlight that applies beautifully to the face and performs like a high end powder. I was afraid it would be too gold for my skin tone, but luckily I found it to still be quite complimentary. If you are super fair though you may not love it, but light/medium – deep skin tones will do well with it.  If I had one complaint it would be that I wish there was more than one shade (Molten Gold) but I have faith that this may happen in the future!


Master Bronze – Bronze & Highlight Kit – $15.99


I really do like this bronzer kit for warming up the face and adding dimension with the highlight. I wouldn’t say they are the absolute best available at the drugstore, but if you are on a budget and needing some warm toned bronzers along with a highlight option, you may really enjoy this. The highlight is quite nice – and the bronzers do go on smoothly so I will continue to use. I really like swirling the 2 bronzers with the deeper highlight to warm up the face. I then go in with the deeper shade to contour. If you are lighter skinned though like me, make sure you use a light hand with the deep shade.


The City Mini Palette in “Urban Jungle” – $14.99


There are 4 options in the city mini palettes, but the one I had heard the least amount about was the Urban Jungle city mini. For that reason I decided to pick it up and give it a try. The palettes are nicely packaged and include 6 different shades. Overall, I did like using this palette, and I especially liked the dark black with gold shimmer and the other darker shades. I found that in order to get the yellow/gold shade as intense as I wanted it to be I had to use some Mac Fix Plus. I also didn’t love all of the chunky micro glitter in the shade on the top right. I have heard awesome reviews on the Rooftop Bronzes City Mini palette if you are looking for some more neutral tones. These are definitely a huge improvement from their “The Nudes” palettes which in my opinion all lacked pigmentation, and were not very blendable.


Vivid Hot Lacquer Lip Gloss in “Sassy” – $10.99


I loved this super pigmented high shine gloss. It was so intense I’d almost consider it more of a liquid lipstick. You will need to line your lips with this shade, and most likely any of the other bright ones. It had great lasting power as well. Very impressed!

Fit Me Loose Setting Powder – $10.99


This is one of my absolute new favourite products from the drugstore. It has been a while since I have came across a really nice loose finishing powder (drugstore or high end) and I am so impressed with this one. I don’t like using it to bake under the eyes, but as an overall face setting powder I think it is fantastic especially for the price! It provides me with a nice matte finish, yet it still gives life to the skin. It also has a pretty good colour range that loose powders for some reason don’t always have.

IMG_1642(Photographed above wearing The City Mini Urban Jungle Palette, Vivid Hot Lacquer Lip gloss in Sassy, Fit Me Loose Powder, Studio Chrome Highlight, & Blush Kit (see review below for blush kit). 


Master Prime Blur & Smooth Primer – $12.99


This primer has an odd consistency compared to most “blurring” primers as it appears to be more of a moisturizer. I for sure do not hate this product – but I also am not in love with it as I’m not convinced it helps a ton with the longevity of my makeup. I find it does work better though if you “press” it into your skin as opposed to just rubbing it on your skin. I use it the odd time, but I am still going to continue to look for a good blurring primer from the drugstore.

Dream Cushion Foundation – $18.99


The downfall with all cushion foundations is that they are always more expensive than what you get in a bottle – and you get less product. I love this foundation though for when I am in a hurry & really like applying it with a dampened beauty blender. It gives a medium coverage look, that is very buildable and hydrating.


Fit Me Set & Smooth Powder – $7.99


Overall this pressed powder does a pretty decent job. I’m not obsessed with it, but if you are on a budget and are looking for a mattifying pressed powder this would definitely get the job done when applied with a fluffy brush over foundation. You will most likely need to touch up throughout the day if you are a bit oily, but I do like it for normal – dry skin (also recommended on packaging for those skin types). If you are looking for a more natural/flawless finish, I would for sure say go with the loose powder version mentioned above.

SuperStay Better Skin Powder – $14.99


This product was not one that I loved (Sorry I couldn’t seem to find it in my drawer to swatch when taking photos). I found that it clung to my dry patches and looked super powdery on my skin. It was ok for the odd touch up, but I would pass on this one. It does have salicylic acid in it which can dry out the skin, so if you are oily and struggle with acne you may enjoy it. 

Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation – $10.99


This is my new favourite drugstore foundation, it reminds me a lot of my Mac Pro Longwear. I find myself reaching for this one a lot lately as it stays put throughout the day, doesn’t oxidize, and even though it is recommended for those with normal-oily skin, I still find it does wonders for my dry skin. It is a medium coverage foundation with a more natural finish, and blends very nicely into the skin when used with a beauty blender or makeup sponge. I do wish it had a pump for sanitary reasons, but it is such a great price and you so often can get it for $6.95 at Wal-Mart when it goes on sale!


Master Blush Colour & Hightlight Kit – $15.99


I’ve never really had many blushes from Maybelline since none have really ever appealed much to me, but I decided to give the blush palette a try for the sake of the review. I was really surprised at how much I liked it. The highlight is nice along with the colour selection. All of the shades have a nice soft texture with the exception of the mauve in the center, but I will definitely continue to use. If you are looking for a few different shades and a highlight I think this is a great affordable option. 


Master Hi-Lighting Blush – (Nude & Coral) – $14.99 


This formula is a hybrid between a blush and a highlight they are nice to use as a blush topper. I even will use the nude shade just as a highlight on it’s own, but to use just as a blush I think it would be too light. They swirl together really beautifully and look great as on top of blush. I think for the price you could probably skip it and just use a Milani blush (I love Luminoso & Bellini) that just has a sheen within it, but they are a nice product.  




Fit Me Concealer – $9.99

I’ve talked about them before so I will keep this short & sweet. Maybelline does concealer better than anyone else at the drugstore. This one is creamy with great coverage and blends beautifully under the eyes. I also like using darker shades for contouring. 

 Instant Age Rewind Concealer Neutralizer – $12.99 

Once again, I’ve talked about this one before. I think I may even like it a *tiny* bit more than the Fit Me concealer I mentioned above. The texture is similar in my opinion to Tarte’ Shape Tape, and it gives great coverage for dark undereyes.

Super Skin Better Stay Concealer – $10.99

I really like this one just not as much as the above 2 I mentioned. It has salicylic acid in the formula so it would be great to apply on top of blemishes since it helps with breakouts. Also it is still nice under the eyes! 

Master Conceal Concealer – $11.99

This one is just OK in my opinion, but it was a bit of a disappointment. I thought from the texture that it would be a little more full coverage to cover up dark circles, but it blended out quite thin. It also did crease a little on the under eyes.



Master Contour in Light – $14.99 

I usually am not a huge fan of cream products, and this one was no exception. I really loved the shade of the contour which was my reason for purchasing but I hate how the contour & highlight are made into one as it is easy to get contour in your highlight and vice versa. I also find the formula to be a little greasy. I would pass on this one. 


Master Strobing Stick in Light Iridescent – $12.99  

This looks beautiful swatched, but once again I just do not like the product. When blending it out the product pretty much disappears and it kind of just feels like you are swiping  a glue stick across your face. 



Colortattoo Cream Gel Eyeshadow – $8.99 each


I have a ton of shades in these, some that I seem to have misplaced but I really love them. Both the sheens and the mattes are great as an eyeshadow base (similiar to a Mac Paint Pot) or on top of the lid as a pop of colour. My favourite shades are for sure Bad To The Bronze & Barely Branded. I highly recommend! Just make sure you put the lids on tightly after use as they tend to dry out very quickly if not.


Expert Wear Eye Shadow – $6.99 each


So here is the thing with these shadows, some are amazing and some are a total and complete fail. The absolute standouts for me are NY Silver (MY FAVOURITE), Nude Glow, & Made for Mocha. Linen is ok if you are looking for a simple base shade, and Humdrum plum is pretty good just not as great as the others. Vanilla is not good, it is scratchy, powdery, and does not blend nicely with other shadows. These are nice if you are looking for a few standout shades like the ones I loved that I mentioned. But, if you like experimenting with a lot of different looks, they’re not super practical. 


IMG_1841Pictured above: Wearing NY Silver on the lid. 

Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner – $11.99


This is the best gel liner I have ever used (high-end or drugstore)! It is a beautiful matte black that stays put, glides on beautifully, and it assists in creating a great wing when paired with a nice angled brush. High-end gel/cream liners just have never impressed me and I find quite often that they are almost ALWAYS too creamy or are not pigmented enough. 

Eye Studio Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil – $11.99


Now, I had the shade glazed toffee and it was my absolute favourite brown liner. But, my nephew unfortunately got into it and that was the end of that one. I have tried Smooth Charcoal but I didn’t find it lasted as long on the eye as Glazed Toffee and it seemed to disappear. Sometimes within formulas colours can be a little different, and I have not heard the best reviews on the other shades either. 


Great Lash Water Proof Mascara – $6.99


This product is a drugstore classic, and I think almost everybody has used it atleast once. Now the formula is fantastic, but the brush is just too natural for me. If I’m not wearing false lashes, I try my best to get as close of a false lash look as I can and this brush just doesn’t do it for me and my taste. I use this on clients all of the time since I can only use disposable brushes anyway for sanitary reasons, and the mascara stays put all day.


Color Sensational Lipsticks – $9.99


Within their color sensational range there are a few different finishes from sheens to mattes. Honestly, Maybelline is one of the best when it comes to drugstore lip products, my favourite formula is the creamy mattes (not 100% matte, but a nice natural finish) but I really enjoy them all. You can always find these on sale in the flyers, often making them an even better price. Below are photographs of the shades I have in my collection, with the formula labeled as well. 




Color Jolt Lip Paint – $11.99 


These are pretty nice I must admit, but I think I like the L’oreal Infallible lip paints just a tad bit more. I find the darker shades tend to bleed a little too much for my liking, and with a product like this I just prefer not to wear a lip liner. They do have some beautiful colours though, and they are quite moisturizing but I just don’t find they last as long as I would like them too. Now the glitter shine shot on the other hand is absolutely stunning, and a really special product. I’ve never seen something so intensely metallic from the drugstore. If you are looking for an affordable lip topper to pop your lip colour I really recommend it. 


Color Sensational Pencil Lip Liner – $8.99

I personally prefer retractable lip liners, as I find they tend to be a little creamier and easier to work with. I found this formula to be scratchy, and a bit hard to apply. 


So there you have it! A full review on lots of Maybelline products, I apologize if you found this one to be a little longer than my normal entries, but I wanted to make sure you had a full look at the line. Of course I don’t have every single product from Maybelline, but all in all I think if you are looking to get a good look at the line this is a great source for you to review. Maybelline has really stepped up their game lately, I am so excited about the new launches and hope there are even more to come. 

Enjoy your evening! Xo 








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