A look at Colourpop – Brand Review

So let’s start off by addressing the fact that yes, I have done a ton of makeup reviews lately. Summertime always has some amazing releases in the land of beauty, but I will be coming at you guys with a Storytime in the next little while!

So this next blog is a review on some products from Colourpop which I have been putting to the test over the last month or so.


In case you aren’t familiar with the brand, Colourpop was started in 2014 by Seed Beauty, and quickly took the beauty community by storm with their unique formulations and affordable price tag. Ready to take a look? Here we go! Keep in mind if you are in Canada like myself, these prices will be listed in USD. Colourpop offers Free Shipping on International orders, but I had to pay about $25 CAN in duty charges when it was delivered.

SUPER SHOCK SHADOWS -$5 each USD/Bundle Deals Listed Below On Kits

Bottom line, these are freaking amazing and they have become my everyday go to shadows. They are a cream/powder hybrid which almost feels bouncy to the touch. Because of it’s unique formula, you avoid fallout with these shadows and they pack on bold colour super effortlessly. There are a few different finishes available including a matte, glitter, satin, & a pearl. I highly recommend these shadows, especially if you are looking to speed up your eye routine in the morning. I personally find these apply best with your fingers, but if you are wanting to use a brush  I like to use one that is meant for concealer since the flat tip deposits more product.

Sometimes within products, each colour can vary slightly in quality. The nice thing about the super shock shadows is that they all are fantastic across the board. The shadows I’m about to show you were sold as both individual shadows, or in a kit. You often get a better deal if you purchase the kits, but you can also purchase individually as well.

Where The Light Is Collection – $18.00 USD (or $5 each)


I  love this Kathleen Lights collab, these colours pair so well together and create a fantastic everyday look. As you can see, I use the shade “Glow” a ton as it as great to create a base all over the lid and under the brow. The Shades “KathleenLights” & “Cornelius” look  stunning with just a quick pat on the lid. I often blend Cornelius more into the crease and then pat KathleenLights or Blaze on top. Blaze is perfect for under the eye as well. 


Where The Night Is Collection – $5 USD each.


Unfortunately you can no longer purchase these as a set, but you can purchase them all individually with the exception of Porter. Midnight is an absolute standout for me and I enjoy using it to line my under eye with a small shadow brush, it really packs on the pigment. Telepathy & Weenie are both beautiful, unique shades and look great packed on the eyelid. Telepathy is especially unique as it can look more gold from certain angles and then be more of a chartreuse green the next time you go to look at it. 


Mile High Shadow Kit – Set currently on sale for $20.00 USD ($5 each) 


This shadow kit was a great deal as you were basically getting 2 free Super Shock shadows if you bought the 6 pack, however each shade is available in their permanent collection individually. 


Once again all of the shades in this collection were outstanding but I would have to say the absolute standout would be “Mittens”. It is such a beautiful colour to line the under eye and use on the lid to create a warm smoky look. “So Quiche” is very different as it is an olive colour but when you turn in certain directions there is a violet sheen to it. “Lala” is great for everyday to pat on the lid as well and is one that I have been using a lot. 


Pictured above wearing a complete Super Shock Shadow look that took all of 2 minutes! Midnight under eyes used as a liner, Glow as a brow bown highlight, Lala & a tiny bit of  Nillionaire on lid. 

I also love to add a pop of colour on the lid with the shades Lace & Donna. Their bright shades are incredible and look amazing on the eye. You can add a a fun pop of colour if you use these below your eyeliner to line your undereye. Mix and match and have fun! 






The shades I purchased from their pressed powder collection are now discontinued, but I figured I would still give you a review of the overall formula. The matte shades do have a lot of kick back which often comes from highly pigmented formulas. So they can be a bit messy and create a lot of fallout. But if you do your face makeup last you should be just fine. I really enjoy the matte shades and find they blend really beautifully, and they have a great colour selection. The metallic shade was stunning and took very little effort to build up especially when made wet with a Fix Plus or setting spray. A lot of their 4 kit pressed powder shadows are currently on for $12 (regular $18) so you are getting a great deal if you purchase the quad. 


I’ve heard mixed reviews on these liners but I personally really like them. Mr.Bing is a beautiful retractable, warm brown that does not transfer, and lasts for most of the day. I wouldn’t say it is my very favourite or compare it to my Marc Jacobs liner or anything, but I do really like it. It is a matte finish that creamy yet still is a bit stiff which allows the pencil to glide on the waterline/under eye smoothly and gently.  I will for sure continue to use. 



SUPER SHOCK BLUSH in Prenup – $8.00 USD. 


This was the product that I was most nervous about as anything cream related just usually doesn’t work on my cheeks and I always prefer a straight powder. I was amazed by this blush, and wore it almost everyday for 3 weeks straight. The colour “Prenup” is like a mid-toned mauve/pink, and it adds such a nice glow of colour while complimenting the apples of the cheeks. The formula is pretty much the same to the Super Shock shadows being that it is a cream/powder hybrid. I like to use a blush brush to apply this and then almost “bounce” it on my cheeks, and that way it disperses the perfect amount of colour.  I can not wait to purchase more of  these shades! 





This was the only product I didn’t really love from what I purchased. It is pretty and  looked nice when I blended it in with my finger tips after using a fan brush, but for the amount of effort it took I’ll stick to my straight powder highlights. 



ULTRA MATTE LIP (Liquid Lipstick) – $6 


The ultra matte liquid lipsticks go on smoothly, dry down matte, and are pretty opaque with one swipe.  I purchased 2 shades (Lumiere 2 & Donut) and although they were a little drying, I did like them. I wasn’t so much of a fan of Donut as I was Lumiere 2 since Donut seemed to crackle just the ever so slightest on me. Donut was also a little more orange than I had anticipated. Lumiere 2 ended up drying down a lot darker than I expected but I still liked the colour and will continued to use it. It did last for most of the day and needed minimal touch ups. If you enjoy the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kits, you will most likely be a fan of this formula as it is a sister company to the brand and feels very similar. 


Pictured above wearing Ultra Matte Lip In Lumiere 2, Super Shock Blush in Prenup, Super Shock shadows (Truth, Cornelius, & Blaze).


So for the Lippie Stix I purchased the shade Aquarius, which I absolutely adored. It is such a creamy formula that looks so healthy on the lips. It is hydrating and has a creamy finish. Aquarius is a beautiful pinky/nude shade that I am so sad to have lost so I was unable to do a swatch it for you guys. I will insert a photo off of the Colourpop website below. 


I also received a mini Lippie Stick in the shade Cookie which was a gorgeous warm peachy nude shade. The problem with the mini size was that the lipstick itself broke off and fell on the ground so I no longer have it either. So although I do not have any swatches now from the Lippie Stix, I will insert a photo below of myself wearing the shade Cookie. I love these and can’t wait to order some more! 


Pictured above wearing a Lippie Stix in the shade Cookie, Super Shock blush in Prenup, and Super Shock Eye Shadows (Glow under the brow, KathleenLight on lid,  Porter under the eye). 

Thank you so much for checking out this brand review, enjoy your weekend! 

P.S Happy ordering!  🙂

Aleasha xo 













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