A Look at Kylie Cosmetics

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I hope you all had a fantastic rest of your summer, crazy to think how quickly the last few months have gone by. It has been a while since I have had a chance to sit down and do a blog post, but let me tell you there are some AMAZING cosmetic products out at the moment and I can not wait to dive into all of them. For now though, I thought I would start by giving you some insight on the very popular Kylie Cosmetics. 

Kylie Cosmetics has been one of the quickest growing beauty lines to come about in the last 2 years, and is estimated to be a $1 billion dollar company by the year 2022. Kylie Jenner started out with her “Kylie Lip Kits” which were a liquid lip/liner combo, and then quickly moved on to shadows, face products, and specialty collections.

 Kylie Lip Kit & Liquid Lip Collections

($29 for Lip Kit, $17 For Liquid Lipstick, $14 for Lip Liner)  


Original Kylie Lip Kit (Kourt K) – Matte Formula 


Overall I am a big fan of the original matte formula as it is long lasting, and glides on the lips smoothly. It can be quite drying throughout the day so it is important to prep your lips by hydrating & exfoliating before hand. The darker colours can stain so if that is an issue for you just keep it in mind. As for the liner, it is very creamy – which will make the product go on the lips nicely but may result in it being not as long lasting. I’ve never found it necessary to line my lips with a liquid lipstick (if it is matte) so I would recommend just purchasing the liquid lip instead of the kit. 

(Swatched below with KOKO Collection)

The KOKO Collection Matte Lips ($17 each) 


I purchased the KOKO collection when it was still available in the 4 pack kit which included the 3 matte shades (Gorg, Okurrr, Khlo$) and the Damn Gina gloss. Now you are able to purchase the collection in separates along with 4 new colours in a kit. I loved all of the shades I purchased, and was happy to see that they kept their original matte formula in the three liquid lips. I especially love the shade “Okurrr” as it is a unique red/pink colour that stands out and makes a statement. “Gorg” is beautiful but tends to dry a little dark on my lips, so I usually wear it when I’m not as pale. “Khlo$” is a great warm nude that would compliment a lot of different skin tones. 


Pictured above wearing the colour “Okurrr” 

Also included was the Damn Gina gloss which I could unfortunately not seem to find when I was taking photos. Damn Gina ($15 on it’s own) is a beautiful, lustrous gloss with lots of shimmer flecks. It is stunning on it’s own or topped on another shade.

damnSend Me More Nudes Velvet Liquid Lipstick ($45)


As of right now, this 4 pack of the velvet lipsticks is currently sold out, but I thought that I would give you an overview in case you are thinking of purchasing another colour in this formula. I imagined that I would be in love with this formula because unlike the matte shades, it does not completely dry down and formulas with a bit of a slip are usually easier to work with, boy was I ever wrong! I strongly disliked these velvet lipsticks. Although it continued to have some slip throughout the day which was nice, it settled into every single fine line on my lips making it super unflattering. Even though it didn’t completely dry down, I felt that it made my lips look very dry and cakey.  


Skinny Dip Face Duo ($34)


The face duo includes a very light warm bronze shade, and a gold/champagne highlighter. The bronzer has a little gold fleck to it but goes go on mostly matte. I was surprised at how light it is, and although I liked it I didn’t absolutely love it. For being so light, it took a bit of extra time to blend and anyone with even a tinge darker skin tone than myself (I’m quite fair) I think it would be too light. I love the highlighter however as it is very in your face, and blends into the skin nicely. I think overall it would be a nice shade as well for a lot of different skin tones. 


The Birthday Collection  “Queen” Ultra Glow Highlighter ($14)


Let’s just get to the point, I really do not like this product as a highlighter. It is basically just light pink glitter and it does not blend well at all. I have experimented with it a bit on the eyes and I like it for that, but I don’t understand how it is meant to be a face highlight. It just looks like chunks of glitter on your face. Now I have heard some amazing things about the loose highlighters, so I’m thinking it may just be this shade. 


Blush “Virginity”  ($20)


Now is this the best blush on the market? Absolutely not, and I think that for the price you could find something just as good if not better for a cheaper price point. I do really like it though and I will continue to use. It is a nice bright, matte pink and although it doesn’t swatch well – it blends into the cheeks nicely. It isn’t super duper pigmented, but I personally don’t mind that in a blush because it can be easier to blend and build the product up if it doesn’t go on the cheeks so intensely. 


Pictured above wearing the Kylie Blush in the shade “Virginity”

The Birthday Collection I Want It All Palette ($54)



This is probably my favourite item that I have purchased from Kylie Cosmetics. The palette includes 9 shadows, a blush, and a highlight making it a great value. I adore the shadow shades in this palette and have been reaching for it a bunch since there are great shades included to make many different eye looks. Each shade is highly pigmented & blendable but somehow there is little fall out which is always a plus. The blush I could live without, but it’s a pretty colour and the formula is the same as the blush I spoke on above. The highlighter in the kit is stunning, and gives off a pinky/champagne glow that is super vibrant and healthy looking. The packaging in also super cute. 



Kyshadow The Burgundy Palette ($42)


I was surprised how much I loved these shadows! Like the shadows above, they blend well & have great pigmentation. The shades are beautiful although I would prefer another highlighting shade – and for the price of the palette I’m surprised it does not include a mirror. But overall, I really like it and find myself using it fairly frequently. 


I hope you enjoyed this overview of items I have tried from the brand. I’m sure I will be testing more out in the future, and I look forward to new collections and launches. Leave a comment below on your thoughts of the products and if you have tried any.

Aleasha Xo  

One thought on “A Look at Kylie Cosmetics

  1. Blushy Darling says:

    Woooow that’s a great haul! Overall I’m so in love with Kylie’s product I’d love to try some lip kit and the eyshadow palettes as you said look stunning.. I feel like I love waaaay too much stuff and end up not buying a single thing ahahahha would you mind check out my page, maybe we can follow each other and be internet friends, it’d mean the world to me 😀
    Love, Mimi



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