High End Makeup For Less?!

Hey guys!

I thought I would do a fun post on something interesting I did a couple of weeks ago. I happened to come across some YouTube videos recently of beauty gurus finding high-end makeup for a discounted price at places like Marshalls, TJ MAXX & Winners and share with you all of the deals I came across!

First off let’s start with some makeup bargain hunting tips…

  1. Always check the product before you buy to make sure it hasn’t been messed with, touched, or swatched. Often at places like Marshalls, TJ MAXX, & Winners people will go ahead and test out the product without buying it – so make sure it has not been touched. Buying makeup that has been used is a HUGE no no. If the product is in one of those locked plastic boxes, simply ask at the cash for them to open it to make sure before purchasing.
  2. Keep your phone handy! It is important to make sure you are actually getting a deal on the makeup or beauty products that you are buying. I like to keep my Sephora & Ulta apps ready to go at all times so that I can do a quick price check on what I find. Quite often, the stores will get items that are already on sale at Sephora or on the company’s website, so always do a cross reference.
  3. Plan a day where you can visit multiple locations! On the day I went I visited 3 Marshalls, 2 Winners, & a Homesense which allowed me to score some deals and find different items at different locations.

Let’s get to the finds!

NARS Narsissist Hardwired Eye Kit – $27 (on sale) at Marshalls

Listed online at narscosmetics.com for $59

SAVINGS = $32 


I was really excited to come across this NARS kit as I have not seen NARS at a Winners or Marshalls before. The kit included a 6 shade palette, an eyeliner, and a little brush. For only $27 I was nervous that it had maybe been tampered with, but upon further inspection before buying – I was happy to see that the package had never been opened or touched. The palette was definitely created to acheive a smokey look – but I wasn’t a huge fan of the green in the palette as it appeared on the lid to be more grey once applied. The shadow formula wasn’t bad – but I would have hoped for a little more pigment considering it was from NARS. I plan to keep playing with it, and for only $27 I don’t mind testing it out a little more.

I really loved the eyeliner that was included in the kit and I will for sure continue to use it. It is a very beautiful creamy brown that glides on the eye nicely. (So sorry I forgot to swatch!) 

Marc Jacobs Perfection Powder – $24.99 at Marshalls

Listed online at Sephora.com for $58

SAVINGS = $33 


As mentioned in other blog posts, I adore Marc Jacobs’ beauty products so I was excited to come across this powder. I am not always a huge fan of pressed translucent powders, or white translucent powders in general – but I was surprised to like this product! I would not recommend this for oily skin unless you are only using it for touch ups during the day because it is so light weight. But on my own skin – I really liked it! It gave my face a nice silky finish.

Marc Jacobs Kiss Pop Lipsticks- $12.99 each at Marshalls

Listed online at Sephora.com for $35 each

SAVINGS = $22 each


Photographed above from top to bottom – ( Headliner, Heartbreaker, Wham).


Once again – another Marc Jacobs find…score! I was able to find the Kiss Pop Lipsticks in 3 different colours (Wham, Heartbreaker, & Headliner). These long lasting lipsticks are fantastic with a very pretty, matte finish. They last an insane amount of time, are hydrating, and pack on great colour.

Cargo Cosmetics Getaway Palette – $11 (on sale) at Marshalls

Listed online at cargocosmetics.com for $34

SAVINGS = $23 

Technically the savings on this one are a little more since the $34 price tag is in USD (they didn’t have a CDN option). Cargo shadows are always a nice option to start with. I personally find them to be a little more powdery than I normally like, but if you don’t mind working with fallout you will be good to go. I wish the colours in this particular palette were a little brighter (personal preference) , but for $11 it is pretty great!


Pictured above wearing some shades from the Cargo palette. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipstick – $9.99 each at Winners

Listed online at Sephora.com for $26 each

SAVINGS = $16 each


Shown above: Sugar Plum

Anastasia liquid lipsticks are my absolute favourite and I have a ton in my collection! I was surprised to find the shades Ashton, Madison, & Sugar Plum while on my travels. Sugar plum I believe was from this years holiday collection and it is now discontinued, but it is a beautiful fuchsia shade with iridescent purples in it. Ashton is a matte midtone brown that doesn’t really suit my skintone, but I picked it up for a friend. Madison is a berry magenta/purple. Anastasia has one of the best formulas for a liquid lip!

Butter London Blush Clutch – $12.99 at Marshalls

Listed online at Ulta.com for $50.35

SAVINGS = $37.36


It’s always fun to come across some new brands on your searches as well! I had never tried anything from Butter London but I will definitely purchase more if I come across some. These blushes glide beautifully on the cheeks, and the shades are flattering for a lot of different skin tones. I like to swirl all 3 together when wearing. Also – I am OBSESSED with the little On the Glow pen the kit includes! It is a beautiful champagne/rose pigment shade on a little sponge applicator. It is perfect for adding a little highlight to the corners on your inner eye, I have been using it almost everyday. It was a great little surprise!

Algenist Reveal Concentrated Luminizing Drops – $14.99 at Marshalls

Listed online at Sephora.com for $50




 I purchased the drops in the shade Champagne, they are great to add to your foundation to add a little luminosity! You can also use these on the apples of your cheeks like your would a powder highlight for an even dewier shine.

Huda Beauty Lip Strobe – $9.99 at Homesense

Listed online at Sephora.com for $23



I never would have thought to look at Homesense for beauty products, especially a great brand like Huda! This lip strobe is very pretty and is great on the center of your lip to add a pop of sparkle and some extra dimension. (Once again – I forgot to take my own photo of this one! We will blame it on lack of sleep! haha) 

Makeup Forever Artistic Palette- $16 (on sale) at Marshalls

Listed online for ?



Unfortunately I was unable to find a price for this particular palette from Makeup Forever. All 9 shades are very sparkly and have a lot of fallout – I would not recommend picking this one up if you see it. 

Anastasia Contour Cream Kit- $24.99 at Winners 

Listed online at Sephora.com for $52



I decided to pick up one of the Anastasia Contour Cream kits even though I already have one because the savings on this product were great. If you are in need of a blendable, creamy contour kit and can come across one of these I would for sure recommend it. I also picked up a few for some friends who I knew would love it. Always good to keep friends in mind while you’re on the hunt for makeup in case you find something you love for a good deal.

TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Egg Mousse Pack (Mask) – $9.99 at Winners

Listed online at Sephora.com for $25


The Egg Mouse Pack is for sure and easy & fun way to do a quick mask while in the shower or bath tub. I’m not sure it has many long term benefits for the skin, but things do look plumper and hydrated right after use. I wouldn’t run out and grab it – but I will use until it is empty. 

5 Couleurs Eyeshadow – $26 at Marshalls 

Listed online at Sephora.com for $72 

SAVINGS = $46 


Pictured above wearing shades from the palette. 

Ok guys here is the big savings winner of them day! At Marshalls I came across a little Dior palette that had been marked down to $26, and is listed online for $72. I quickly scooped it up and was excited to try it. Overall the colours are pretty neutral and are a bit boring – but the shadow quality is nice, smooth and easy to blend. 

I hope you all enjoyed these deals, it’s fun to go on a treasure hunt every once in a while! Enjoy your day, I hope it is as wonderful as you are. 










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