Quick yet Clever Halloween Costume Ideas!

Hey guys! 

So my favourite time of year is upon us and although I usually start planning my costume months in advance, I realize that not everyone is as prepared for the bewitching season as I am.

I thought to save you all some time, I would come up with some quick & easy costume ideas that are still creative but won’t break the bank. Since my audience reaches beyond my hometown – I decided to reference as many online sources as possible. However, as a small business owner myself, I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE you to check out your local thrift shops & boutiques before ordering from the websites listed, to see if you can find similar items. If you shop locally you will not only be supporting those in your town, but you will get to touch and feel in person, and SAVE on shipping fees so close to Halloween.

*All prices in CAD*

Let’s get started!

Call me, beep me, if ya wanna reach me…

You got it friends! Kim Possible, aka everyone’s favourite cartoon, butt-kicking action hero is here to save you from skipping out on a costume this Halloween. Not only is this costume cute & quirky, but Millennials will totally appreciate the Disney cartoon nostalgia. Feel free to add a red/orange wig to make it even more recognizable.


Ugh, as if!

This yellow plaid/tartan combo is automatically associated with 90’s character, Cher from Clueless. Thanks to 2014’s “Fancy” music video (Iggy Azalea), and Alicia Silverstone’s recent appearance on Lip Sync Battle, more and more people are remembering how ground-breaking the 90’s chick flick was.


Do you want to play a game? If so this costume is for you! 

So if you aren’t the cutsie costume type – perhaps Jigsaw from the Saw franchise would be more up your ally. Add a black wig, red & white makeup, hey maybe even a tricycle… and you’re good to go!

jigsaw costume


If you are more on the more reserved side & are a fan of Disney…Mary Poppins could be your ideal Halloween 2018 costume choice. Looking to have a couples costume? Have your significant other dress up as Bert and your look will be a hit.

mary poppins

Normal is an illusion…

The Addams Family has had a huge impact on Halloween Culture since the 1991 movie adaptation. Anjelica Huston’s creepy yet sexy portayal of Morticia Addams has become iconic, especially during the Halloween season.


It’s Showtime! 

Being such a Halloween freak, I am embarrassed to admit that I have never actually finished watching Beetlejuice. However, I don’t have to explain how much of a Halloween essential this movie is for many. The black & white stripes are easily associated with the title character. Just add some body paint & coloured hairspray from your local party store and your costume is complete.


Everyday when you’re walking down the street…

Probably one of the easiest looks to achieve on this list, Arthur the aardvark is the perfect costume if you are looking for a fun costume that requires little effort. Add a library card and you’re golden!

arthur costume

So there you have it! I hope this list will help you if you are still on the hunt for some easy, yet not super basic costume ideas. I look forward to seeing photos of all your wonderful costumes this Halloween season.




Press For Champagne DIY

Hello all! 

For my first DIY project that I will be sharing with you guys, I thought I would make something fairly inexpensive & easy that could go in the home. I had the idea to make this “Press For Champagne” wall hanging after seeing a couple of similar ones on some decor websites, which all ranged from $90-$150. After thinking about it, I realized that I had a lot of supplies I could use to make something very close to it – if not practically the same. I only needed a few more items which could also be picked up at my local hardware store. I’m sure there are some similar tutorials already somewhere online, but here is my take on it. This project as a whole cost me less than $15 since I already had lots of the materials needed. 




  • Picture Frame
  • Spray Paint (Optional depending on colour preference.)
  • Door Bell (Base can be painted if necessary.)
  • Rhinestones or Stud Earrings
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Printer 
  • Tape

First off I found an old frame which I already had, and decided that I wanted it to be gold. So I taped the glass (mine would not pop out) and waited for it to dry. 


After allowing the frame to dry & then taking the tape off of it, I measured the glass piece inside to see how big I needed to make the “Press For Champagne” paper insert that would be placed on the inside. 

Next, I used Microsoft Word to create a text box with dimensions just a tad bit larder than those on the glass piece of the frame. I then chose my font, typed it inside of the text box, & centered it. 

I used a ruler & x-acto knife on a cutting board to ensure my cuts were precise & even. After getting it cut to the correct size, I placed the paper inside the frame and taped the edges of it to ensure it stayed in the correct place.


 After closing the frame, I took the doorbell and instead of putting the screws in the bottom & top holes, I used a pair of rhinestone earrings that I no longer needed/wanted and hot glued them in the hole placements. You can also just use plain rhinestones. 


The last step was to then take the door bell and hot glue the back of it, I then gently placed it in the center of the glass on the front of the frame – and TA – DA! 


It’s as easy as that, minimal work and minimal costs (depending on where you purchase and what you need, make sure to always check the dollar store first!). 

Also if you prefer, you can also do one that says “Press For Wine”, “Press For Coffee”, etc. 

I hope you enjoyed this quick & girly DIY. It was lots of fun to make. 

Love always, 

Aleasha. Xo