Advice To Your Younger Self

I recently saw a quote pop up on my Pinterest page that read, “Be the Person you needed when you were younger”.

For whatever reason, this quote seemed to resonate with me and made me think about what type of advice I would have given to my younger self, if I had the opportunity.

I think a lot of us often wonder what our lives would be like had we have known the things about ourselves that we do now. Would we really have turned out so drastically different? Or would the way we go about things in our everyday life change?  Would this cause us to second guess our every move? I think most of us would tend to agree that in every tough situation, a little hindsight could be helpful. These questions made me seriously think about the type of conversation I would love to now have with my yonger self.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. 

 I think across the board, all women would love to go back in time and tell their younger self this piece of advice.  I remember waking up 2 hours earlier than I needed to just to clip in my hair extensions, curl my hair, put on my makeup, and change my outfit 6 times just to go to school. Now if I had been doing these things for the right reasons, I would say go for it! But I know now that the reason for weighing myself 3 times a day, freshening up my makeup in the bathroom at school on any occasion I got, and looking in the mirror analyzing every part of my body that I hated was so that no one could find bad things to say about me. I was so unbelievably insecure with my looks that I didn’t even enjoy being given a compliment, because I would always assume that the person saying something nice was joking or that there was another reason for saying something nice to me.

I also was so hard on myself that at any point in time if I saw someone whisper something around me or laugh, I would think that it had to be something to do with me no matter what. I would then run to the bathroom to exam myself in the mirror just to try and find something that was wrong,  I would be convinced that this was reason behind the whisper, or the giggle.

 I’m now happy to say that when I spend a little extra time getting ready, or I’m doing something that I feel will improve myself, that it is for me and only me. The reasoning has nothing to do with outside factors. This is what I would love to tell myself then – do things for you, and not to make others happy.

Don’t worry so much about what your future will bring.

Today’s society is presented with adult decisions you know nothing about when you are 17. The idea of applying for college or university and investing so much time & money into something you’re not even sure you will like is terrifying. I know for myself that in my last year of high school, I still had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I switched programs 3 times, and even once I found a program that I loved – personal issues & outside factors nearly made me want to drop out. You can’t, and you won’t know if what you’re doing is the right decision. Trust your instinct and do what you feel is best for you at that time in your life.

Things will very rarely work out the way you expect them to.

Whether it’s relationships, friendships, schooling, or a job, etc. Almost nothing you do as a teen, and even when you are in your twenties (and I’m sure your entire life for that matter) will ever go the way you want it to, but that doesn’t mean that it wont work out for the best. People will come and go in your life. The friends you may have thought were like your sisters will drift apart, the boy you thought you were going to marry someday may cheat on you, or you may wake up and realize you no longer feel as passionate about something you once did. People grow, and with that so do their values in life. I think that when you believe in something bigger than yourself – whether that is God, The Universe, Karma, etc. you eventually learn that everything must happen a certain way for a reason. You are where you are today because of every hardship & mistake you have made.

Happiness is not a destination, it is a work in progress.

This is probably the one out of them all that I am still working on, as we all should. Unfortunately, hardships do come and go and can knock us down even when we feel we are invincible. I believe that the more realistic goal to strive for is to be content. It is when we are content that we can appreciate true happiness when we have it, and it is then that we are able to gain perspective when we are going through the tougher times in life. But in order to be content, you must be willing to put the work in. Strive for great things, and the world will not disappoint.

Last but not least, you will be OK.

This one probably sounds super simple – but this is the one I truly wish I could tell my younger self. Even when things or situations may seem hopeless, it will get better simply because it must. One of my favourite lyrics is from the song Endless Night (from The Lion King Musical) and it says “I know that the night must end, and that the sun will rise.”  

I hope you all enjoyed today’s blog, sorry for my absence lately!  The thing I often find with these more personal blog posts is that I have to be inspired by something or someone in order to truly write something that I feel could be interesting or helpful to somebody else. Feel free to comment below the pieces of advice you would like to tell your younger self, as it may not only give you clarity on something, but it may also inspire a fellow reader.

Merry Christmas! 


The Pros & Cons Of Being An Emotional Sponge

Do you find yourself constantly absorbing the energy of others? Whether someone is happy, sad, excited, or angry, does it affect your own mood even though the situation may not have a whole heck of a lot to do with you? Well my friend, you may be what my mother recently described myself as – an emotional sponge. 

So what is an emotional sponge? Basically, you could describe it as being someone who is easily influenced by the positive or negative energy of others. I personally never really realized it, but incredibly enough, now that I do…it’s amazing to witness how easily your own mood can change depending on what others are experiencing.

My mom told me that the first time she really noticed it with me was when I was about 7 or 8 years old. I guess we were in a mall somewhere in the city eating lunch in a food court when a homeless man came in and sat at a table beside ours. She said that I immediately became very quiet & she could tell that I was upset. I then whispered to her that “He looked sad, so I should just pretend to drop a $5 bill and maybe he would see it and keep it.”

Now like I said – I don’t really remember it that much but she said that I proceeded to get very upset once we left the food court and cry my eyes out in the car ride on the way home. It’s funny how our little brains work when we are young. Now fast-forward 17 years or so later, I have learned that although absorbing the energy of others can be overwhelming at times, that it is a huge blessing. To those who also find themselves in a similar position, just think about the pros…

You Rarely Get Jealous:

The great thing about being an emotional sponge is that when something good happens to somebody, whether it be in their personal or professional life, you are almost always genuinely happy for them. I can honestly say that when others are happy & excited about something in their lives, very rarely do I ever get a jealous thought or think “hmmmm I wish that was me.”

You’re Empathetic:

Now there can be 2 sides to this. When someone else is sad it can obviously put a damper on your own mood as things can weigh heavy on your own heart because you are feeling their emotions so strongly. But the beautiful thing about being an empath is that you are generally a good listener. You are invested in other people’s hardships and feel the need to help without constantly giving needless advice & comparing their experiences to your own.

You’re Intuitive:

The beauty of being an emotional sponge is that you often have your intuition tweaked to perfection. You are very conscious of the different things that you say and do to people because you always analyze how you would respond in that situation. You often overthink, which can get extremely exhausting. But your heart is happy knowing that you did your best to make other’s feel empowered.


This was the first blog I have written so far that I was constantly going back and erasing things, it was hard to put into the right words. So, I hope that you were able to find some sort of peace within this article if you too feel this way. Make sure to always try and ensure that your own heart is happy before concerning yourself as much with others, but continue to be who you are….an empathetic, intuitive, & unique individual.

Aleasha. Xo. 

So your daughter wants a tattoo?

Before I even begin this post, I want to reiterate something which I had spoken about in a past post when it comes to giving advice to your daughter – I am not a mother. My opinion is one that is solely based off my experience as a daughter. These pointers are ones that while looking back could have possibly been useful advice to my mother, who basically had a heart attack each time I came home with a new piece of ink.

Now I am by no means an expert when it comes to tattoos, I only have 4 of them, 2 of which are quite large (on my ribs, & thigh) and 2 which are smaller (wrist & neck). Growing up I was not a girl you would have expected to ever want to permanently mark her body. In grade 9 I was still watching high school musical, throughout high school I worked at a seniors home, I rarely went out to party before college, and I was an ambassador for the town in my 12th year of school – pretty much the face of innocence (ok well kind of). I say this because for whatever reason, people seem to associate tattoos with more of a rebellious lifestyle, which is quite unfair and untrue to say the least.

I never really had an interest in tattoos, that was until I experienced something in my teens which made the urge of inking myself very strong. I lost a close friend right after I had turned 17, and I wanted to get something in memory of him. I was shocked when my mother didn’t shut the idea down automatically – that was until we started discussing the ideas. Because I was only 17, she would have had to sign and give permission for me, and we were both on completely different pages when it came to size and placement. I of course wanted it to be about the size of the palm of my hand, she wanted it to be about the size of a dime, and preferably in a spot where it could be hidden. She was very understanding and supportive when it came to the reasoning behind the tattoo. But, she grew up in a time and a house hold where people with tattoos were usually just bikers & bad asses … and not her baby girl. Eventually we came to a decision that I would wait. This way I could be 100% sure of the placement and size. Although I hate to admit it – I’m super glad I decided to wait until I was a little bit older and had a little more time to think.

A few years went by, and I was now 20 years old and really wanting my first tattoo. I still had not come up with an exact idea when it came to the tattoo I wanted in memory of my friend, but I knew eventually I would and I was ok with waiting. I had always been very into quotes, song lyrics, etc. And one of my favourite quotes was one by Charlie Chaplin that went as so, “Nothing is permanent in this wicked world, not even our troubles.” It was kind of a reflection of how I had been feeling at that point in my life, and I always looked at tattoos as being a part of a diary but on your body. Now I totally understand the irony in this quote (yes I know a tattoo is pretty permanent) but I loved the quote so much, and I didn’t care. And I mean there’s always laser, right? So seriously, NOTHING is permanent.


Now you can bet your bottom dollar that my mother was upset. She cried, offered me cash not to get it done, and called me before my session begging me to change my mind. However after 5 & a half hours of pain, I called her and let her know how happy I was with it. It was a surprisingly emotional experience. And after she saw it, although it was bigger than she had expected – she ended up liking it. The next day she even offered to take me shopping to find dresses that would “show it off”.  That part still makes me laugh.

I waited about 2 years before getting my next one, and thought very hard about its placement, and content. I ended up getting the lyrics from a Lord of the Rings song that my mother & I used to play on the piano/violin, and that also meant a lot to me as the lyrics reminded me of my friend I had lost when I was young. It says, “In Dreams We Meet Again” and has a green spider flower for my friend, because his favourite colour was green, and a pink rose beside it.


After that, I had 2 more ideas in my head that I knew for sure I wanted. And I waited about a year in between each. The next was my mother’s handwriting which said “Blue sky day.” It was our secret saying we had when I was in college, and we would be speaking on the phone. If she wanted to know if I was having an alright day, she would ask me, “Is it a blue sky day?”. Which was our special little code for meaning it was a good day. Now you may be wondering – how did I get my mom to physically write it out without becoming suspicious. Well truth is, I lied. And no I don’t feel that bad about it, I told her I needed her to write it for a “craft” I was making for her for Christmas – and well I think she secretly knew I was being dishonest. That was the one tattoo I think that she kind of laughed about because she knew I had tricked her, or at least in my mind I think I kind of did.


My latest one was a cross on the back of my neck, which I kept secret for a couple months before telling her – and well she kind of just rolled her eyes and said “that better be the last one.” Now will it be my last? I think for now, but I change my mind on a regular basis so who knows!


Now as people say – yes tattoos can get addicting. And I think that is something you really need to talk to your kids about, because it could get to a point where they end up getting something they may regret. Trust me, I know a lot of people my age, who have tats they regret already (and I’m only 24 turning 25). However at the end of the day, if they want one bad enough – whether it is for a special meaning, or simply for art, truth is that they are probably going to get one once they are old enough. Now when it comes to signing for your son or daughter who is underage, my personal opinion would probably be to not. Like I said, I’m not a parent but when I think back to being 16 and where I wanted a tattoo, and the size, I’m so happy my mother talked me out of it. I think your best bet, would be to take your son or daughter seriously when they are underage and wanting a tattoo. I know I thought longer & harder about my decision because my mom didn’t shut me down without hearing me out. Talk to them also about the importance of getting a tattoo in a legitimate shop, where professionalism & sanitization are top priorities.  

On the flip side, as a daughter (or son for that matter), it is also important to hear your parents out. I know my mother’s biggest fear was that I would get something I was going to regret, or not be happy with. It is so important when you’re considering getting a tattoo, that you seek out lots of potential artists to check out their work, and that you strongly communicate your ideas and thoughts with them. Always make sure you have a clear and concise idea beforehand, and make sure their final sketch is something you are comfortable with. Also realize that you should be taking their ideas and professional opinion into strong consideration – as they have much more experience with placement, size, colours, etc. than you do.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this post or even found it helpful in some way.


Aleasha. Xo.

My Journey Back Home

There is something immensely intriguing about being fresh out of high school, and being from a small-town. You are able to go away to school and be whoever and whatever you want to be. I know for myself, I thought it would be my opportunity to explore a new chapter in my life and become the city girl that I & those who knew me had always pictured me to be. Always being interested is fashion, I assumed I just would end up living in the city, and that would be the end of that – clearly my perspective on things has changed drastically.

Very quickly after moving away from home, I learned that living in the city was not all I had imagined it to be. I thought I would enjoy not knowing everyone – and surprisingly I didn’t. I did make some amazing friends while away in school but somehow I still experienced a feeling of loneliness, even while I was with people. I found myself making any excuse in the book to come home and see my family, and I would randomly decide to come home at 11 at night even though I had to be back in Kitchener for an 8 am class the next day.

Eventually in my last year of post-secondary education, the classic feeling of being “homesick” along with some other health issues I was experiencing at the time got to me. I began not being able to sleep at night, and then being exhausted during the day. I went from enjoying my program and always getting 90% or above on all of my projects to almost failing classes because I stopped caring and stopped going. I also had a lot going on in my personal life at the time (as we all do), and nothing else seemed to matter. If I was able to get up in the morning and get through a day – that was good enough for me. The only thing that comforted me at the time was being at home where I felt safe with my family, and I lost almost all interest in anything else.

One day, my dad finally asked me what exactly I wanted to do with my life, which is when I told him (even though he already knew) that I wanted to eventually open up a clothing store. That is when he stopped me and said “Well you better get to it then.” I was floored – what did he mean? I was only 20, in my last year of school (debating if I wanted to drop out or not), I felt as though I had no control over what was going on around me, and I could barely get a grip on life as it was. How was I supposed to run a business?

After that things happened VERY quickly. We had begun a project in school just that week which involved making a business plan and coming up with our own company. This ended up being kind of perfect for me since I would actually be using that plan. Suddenly I felt excitement again for something going on in my life – and I started planning and working at it like crazy. After coming up with the name, my target audience, my goals, etc. I figured it was time to decide on a location. At first I just assumed it would be Walkerton. The more I thought about it though, the more I wondered. What if my business failed? Would everyone I know think of me as being unsuccessful, and in my own words “a failure”? That is when I decided to open my business in Kincardine. Yes, I realize it was only a half hour away – but it was far enough that I could start out without any expectations, and close enough that my customers from Walkerton could still drive up and not have to spend half the day driving.

Life became pretty insane after that. I was driving home from Kitchener, to Walkerton, to Kincardine almost every day in order to prepare for my stores opening which was planned for May, just a month after I graduated.  It’s bizarre though because I absolutely loved that period of my life, and I still look back on that time as being one of the most exciting & healing.

So here we are 4 years later, and I get asked on a regular basis what my reasoning is for moving my store home. And quite simply the truth is that Walkerton is where my heart is. I was so blessed & so lucky to have spent 4 amazing years in Kincardine & to have met all of the wonderful people I did – I truly loved having my fashion boutique there. But my lease was coming up in Kincardine, and I had a decision to make on whether or not I wanted to stay or check out other options. And for me, moving just felt like the right choice. I guess like Dorothy says, there’s no place like home.

Once I announced  my decision to my friends, my family, & my customers  I immediately felt comforted and like I had hopefully made the right decision to move to Walkerton. I have been so incredibly overwhelmed, grateful, & joyous over the excitement I have received from others about the store’s reopening. I am honored to finally be running A Delicate Edge back in my hometown, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it.  

I was inspired to write this after a conversation I had today, with someone who also experienced similar feelings of being homesick while in school. But is there a point to this story?  I have no idea. I guess my point would be that when we grow up in a small town, we sometimes are taught by our peers that it is a bad thing to be homesick. We convince ourselves that going away and starting a new is the best option. When in reality, we all have different paths in life which are unique and suit our own lifestyles & emotions. Never be afraid to go against people’s expectations & never be afraid to go with your gut feeling. I finally have…and I am excited to see what is in store for the next chapter of my life.

Cheers! Xo 


Do What You Love, Love What You Do.

Hey Friends! 

So it’s funny, for the past few years I have always considered myself someone who likes to keep busy. Perhaps it was growing up and realizing what it takes to run a full-time business, or maybe it was witnessing how busy of a life my parents led in order to make their own business succeed. Until I was in my twenties though, I was never a person who liked to live by a set schedule…mainly because I never really had a reason to. Growing up I always managed to keep decent grades, make my after school job on time, & keep my not-so-busy at the time social schedule on track without really having to try that hard.

Obviously with growing up, owning a business, managing to keep in touch with all those I love, & finding time to complete other hobbies… life has become a little more hectic. As much as I truly do love my busy life, I wonder how others deal with the feeling of never having enough time in a day, as I’m sure it is something we all experience. I lay here knowing I have to get up early in the morning, but I just can’t help and think about all I could be doing at this very moment. (Paperwork, Studying my lines for an upcoming play, Going through makeup clients contracts, Steaming new fashions that have arrived at the store, Organizing the store, Sizing clothing for a cash & carry sale, Etc.). Yet I know if I don’t shut things down for the evening I will be useless tomorrow.

And then my mind starts to feel a little guilty as I question “Am I really that busy?” I mean I don’t have any children, I’m single and am responsible really only for my own well-being, and I still manage (even though it can be tough at times) to make time to go out and enjoy life. I mean I was able to take a 5 day trip to Jamaica in between moving my store to another town, which in retro-spec I totally did NOT have the time for, but you only live once right?

And really, time still somehow manages to slip away and all of a sudden it’s 2 am and I am writing a blog with no reasoning behind it.

And then I realize, every single person in the world can choose to be busy or not. I am very aware that there are a hell of a lot of people who are much busier than I am, and that for myself, being busy is a choice. It was my choice to follow my dream and open up a store which has become the love of my life. It was my choice to go back to school last year as I was running my business and become a makeup artist. It was my choice to take part in a play where I need to be twice a week for rehearsals. And it was my choice to sit here tonight and write this blog as I should be trying to sleep. It’s been my choice to do all of these things, but would I really want it any other way? Absolutely not, because I have enough faith in myself to know I only take on the things in life that I am truly passionate about and enjoy doing.

So I guess this is what I would have to say…If you can at all relate to this post I am so grateful that you decided to finish it, and read it until the very end. Should you feel guilty that you just took the last 2 minutes to read this blog entry, even though you could be doing something much more productive? NO.

 If there has been anything I have learned in the last half hour of writing this, it is that you and I both should not feel guilty for taking time to do the things we want to do…Even if they are not at the top of our to-do list. 

So I guess the lesson here is exactly that, and for now I’m going to do my best to turn my thoughts off and try to get some sleep (just as I hope you do). Because everything eventually will get done, and the things we hope to complete will always be a top priority in our heads. Nothing important really gets forgotten, and the things that do? Well they couldn’t have been that important to begin with.

*PS. Thanks Joc for naming this when I couldn’t come up with a title!* 

*PSS. How do you guys handle life when things get hectic?* 


Aleasha. Xo. 

The Yes Woman!

Hey Everyone!

My name is Aleasha and I would like to welcome you to “My Creative Peace”, it’s awesome that you decided to stop by! Basically, the idea for this blog came about in a few different ways. First off, I knew I wanted to take my creative journey a step further and this is exactly when I had some friends and family suggest I do a blog. I’ve always loved writing and documenting the events which have happened within my life. I am a firm believer that in order to grow you must first evaluate your flaws, your past mistakes, & the wrong-doings of others and that you must use the knowledge to better yourself and your soul. When I am having a difficult day and something is just not going quite right, I often will look back at old diary entries from years ago in order to make myself feel better. I mean, it’s kind of a weird theory – and I have no idea why it makes me feel better, but I think it all must have to do with the process of healing. Going back to certain times in your life and seeing how you were feeling when times were more difficult, can often allow you to understand and finally see how far you have come and how lucky you are to be where you are today. Finding peace within your life can be a weird thing, and I have found it in ways I never thought possible – taking risks, asking questions, & allowing my creative energy to run wild has helped me in ways I could not have thought possible.

Secondly, you sometimes need to dare yourself. Which is exactly what I did about a year and a half ago, kind of like a new year’s resolution (but with no reasoning behind it really). I decided I was going to say yes to anything that came my way and that I was finally going to take advantage of opportunities that had been offered to me. Please note: my one condition was that the opportunity had to of course be something that could end up being positive in my life and I did have some limits when it came to saying yes to something. AKA if someone asked me if I wanted to try some illegal substance I was obviously going to turn that opportunity down (which I hope goes without even saying)!

I had found that all through high school & college, I usually said no to anything extracurricular. Not because I was lazy, and not because I wasn’t interested, but usually because I was scared. Scared of what others would think, scared to fail, and mostly scared of being disappointed with myself. It was always easier to wonder if I would be good at something than it was to physically go out and do it, and see for myself. I always struggled with the idea of being good at something, but not being the best. Or trying something new, and thinking I would be good at it, and then trying it and feeling like a failure. And that is exactly where this resolution has taught me a lesson, and that is that you will never know if you are good at something until you try. You can’t be the absolute best at everything you do and that’s ok. Take time to enjoy each and every opportunity that comes your way, and you will always benefit from the lesson and memories you take away from it.

And lastly, I’d have to say the best part of my resolution was doing things I never thought I could, and meeting some really amazing people along the way. From finally completing a professional makeup artistry program (which had always been a dream) and becoming a professional makeup artist, to taking part in community theater, and now doing this blog – these are just a few of the opportunities I have been lucky enough to say YES to in the last year and a half.

I hope you enjoyed this first story time, and I look forward to doing lot’s more with you and experimenting with My Creative Peace. Remember – you never know what you are capable of until you push yourself to try something new and exciting. Give my say yes approach a whirl – and I PROMISE that you will not be disappointed.

Until next time friends,